The Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh unequivocally stands with the Black Lives Matter movement. Since our founding, we have stood for equality and inclusion, and we never intend to stop. As members of YSSP we have taken the time leading up to this statement to educate ourselves individually on the Black Lives Matter movement and racial inequalities in this country, as well as researching and supporting causes that seek to end injustice. We are now putting our knowledge together and using our power as an organization to support and uplift Black voices. This is not a trend, and we stand for the movement, today, tomorrow, and forever. 

We are including some important resources below. Every organization has the responsibility to make support as accessible as possible, and we are committed to doing our part. Please help as much as you can, and remember: each one of us, no matter our age, background, or prior knowledge, has the power to make a positive impact.


Educate & Support

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