“God hath given you one face, and you make yourself another.”
William Shakespeare
Act 3, Scene 1

Jimmy Coblin


ella mizera

King Claudius / The Ghost

Grace Randall

Ophelia / Gravedigger 1 / Barnardo

mackenzie allis

Horatio / Messenger

Johnna Lefebvre

Laertes / Marcellus

Meghan Barnard


Kinsley Beachler

Gertrude / Reynaldo / Francisco

Roman James

Guildenstern / Player King / Fortinbras

Emma Lombardozzi

Rosencrantz / Player Queen / Gravedigger 2 / Captain

greyson pilarski

Osric / Lucianus / Messenger

Ellen Poplavska

English Ambassador / Priest

Theo Fantozzi

Producer / Director

Ella Mizera

Assistant Director / Costume Designer

Johnna Lefebvre

Fight Choreographer

PJ Squire

Sound Technician

Sophie Jamrom

Wardrobe / Set Designer

Sydney Ciencin

IHT Light Technician

Adrian Krell

Sound Technician

Joseph Sible

IHT Light Designer

Ambridge Performances

Shaler North Hills Library Performances

Rehearsal Process

THE OBAMA EAGLE - Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh Presents 2019 Winter Tragedy, Shakespeare’s Hamlet

“Did you know that the word d-o-t-h is pronounced [duth], not [dawth]?” This quote, vocalized by Hamlet cast member Ellen Poplavska, encompasses the very spirit of the Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh: meticulous, uncommon, and just a bit wacky.

Formed in 2019 by a band of high school students, the YSSP aims to allow Pittsburgh’s youth to more easily develop an interest in and interact with classical works of literature, such as those of Shakespeare. It does this by giving teens opportunities to engage in the play production process, partaking in director, cast, and crew roles.

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