Due June 5th!

Due June 5th!

Fact Sheet


A centuries old story about the tyranny, honor, and the transfer of power in Ancient Rome, re-imagined through young survivors fighting for their lives after an apocalyptic event razes their high school.

Title: Julius Caesar
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Script: (First Folio – cut will be provided at rehearsal) https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/doc/JC_M/
Content Notes: This production will contain graphic depictions of violence and death, and representations of suicide, self-harm, and war.


Auditions will only be accepted via self-tape. All self-tapes should be uploaded to YouTube (please make sure the video is set to public or unlisted) and links should be copy/pasted in the audition submission form link below. 

  • Auditions are open to any students from ages 13 to 22. For questions about eligibility, please reach out to youthshakespearepgh@gmail.com.
  • Resumés and headshots are accepted, but not required.
  • All auditioners will be cast! Not receiving a callback does not have a bearing on your casting status.

Audition Submission Time Frame: May 8 – June 5
Audition Submission Form: Audition Form 
Preparation: Please submit a minimum one minute monologue of any gender from the collection of  William Shakespeare. (This may include Julius Caesar.) 
Callbacks:  Callbacks will be held in person on June 7th at the North Hills United Presbyterian Church. Callback sides will be provided on June 6th after auditions close.


Rehearsal Period: June 11 – August 1
The typical rehearsal schedule will be evenings on Tues – Wed and Fri – Sat. A more detailed calendar is provided here.
Tech: Monday, June 29 – Thursday, August 1
Performance Dates: Friday, August 2 – Sunday, August 4

Rehearsal Location: North Hills United Presbyterian Church
Performance Venue: TBA before rehearsals begin.


Julius Caesar: Homecoming king turned leader of the survivors. Blindingly charismatic. Honorable and cruel in equal measure. A boy king.

Calpurnia/Octavius: Julius’ high school sweetheart. Open-hearted. Is deeply changed by Caesar’s death and returns with the moniker ‘Octavius Caesar’ seeking vengeance. 

Mark Antony: Highly intelligent; a close advisor to Caesar. Silver-tongued. Earning Caesar’s trust catapulted him into a new social and political sphere, and he’s fallen in idolatry with him in reaction.

Marcus Brutus: Student council president who has entered into Caesar’s inner fold; he’s gained a good reputation among the survivors for advocating for them. A man who loves and feels his morals deeply. 

Cassius: Used to bide his time until high school was over, and is now forced to re-evaluate what his future means. Self-dependent and observant. A survivor, at any cost.

Portia: Along with her brother Lucius, the only survivor of the neighboring town. Fell in love with Brutus after he offered them refuge. Steadfast. Terrified of losing the few people she has left.

Lucius/Soothsayer: Portia’s little brother. Since the catastrophe, he has moments where he’s overwhelmed by a supernatural form of prophecy. 

and: Conspirators (Casca, Cinna, Decius Brutus, Caius Ligarius, Metellus Cimber, Trebonius), Citizens, Senators, Petitioners, Plebeians, Soldiers, and a Poet.

YSSP is committed to equal opportunity and non-traditional casting. Our productions strongly encourage
any/all students within the Greater Pittsburgh area to audition. There will be no discrimination based on
sex, race, color, age, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, gender, gender identity or
expression, or veteran and/or disability status.

Please contact Stage Manager Morgan Hunter at mhunter25@wooster.edu or youthshakespearepgh@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

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