Emma Perman — Romeo
Madeline Sclichter — Juliet
Sasha Tepp — Friar Lawrence, Benvolio
Ella Mizera — Nurse, Lord Montague
Parker Stephens — Lord Capulet
Sarah Ake — Mercutio, Abram, Paris’ Page
Natalie Weicht — Lady Capulet
Felicia Perez — Count Paris, Chorus, Servant
Claire Yeager — Prince Escalus, Friar John, Servant
Johnna Lou Lefevbre — Tybalt
Mathilda MacInnis — Gregory, Balthazar
Coraline Lubay — Apothecary, Second Watchman
Sam Haddad — Sampson, First Watchman, Servant

Assistant Lighting Designer — Erin Grafing
Wardrobe Supervisor — Casey Paul-Pierce
Costume Assistant — Delainey Work
Sound Board Operator — Ayden Freed
Run Crew — Sydney Forschein, Casey Paul-Pierce

Workshop Instructor — Michael Campayno
Marketing Coordinator — Kinsley Beachler
House Manager — Mareli Loewenthal

Saturday Light Brigade Youth Express:
Youth Shakespeare Society, Romeo & Juliet

From 01/07/2023: Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh previewing performance of Romeo & Juliet showing 1/13 and 1/14 (7 pm) and 1/15 (2 pm) at the Carnegie Stage, 26 W. Main St., Carnegie, Pa. With director Ella Craig (16, Lincoln Park), assistant director Sarah Ake (16, Lincoln Park), fight choreographer Johnna Lefebvre (Robert Morris University), and actor Emma Anne Perman (15, PA Cyber Charter School). 

The Tube City Almanac: Group With MLT Ties Presents ‘Romeo & Juliet’

As opening night gets closer, Craig said it’s been a pleasure watching the actors develop their characters. “I sit and I watch them and it’s really emotional seeing how each took on a new persona,” she said.

Beachler summed up what makes this YSSP production different: “The real reason all of it is something new from YSSP is because it’s the concept of putting ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in this somewhat fairytale/storybook timeless theme that makes it feel like you’re watching some type of fable take place,” she said.

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