A Collaboration with The Collective

A two-week theatre intensive with performances on July 12, 14, and 15.

Jack Cipriani — Macbeth
Amara Comans — Lady Macbeth, Soldier
Bri Thel — Banquo, Doctor
Logan DeLuca — Lennox, Seyton
Ella Mizera — Duncan, Macduff's Wife
Madison Keally — Ross, Lord, and Gentlewoman
Callum Williams — Macduff, Messenger
Samantha Ray — Malcolm, Fleance, Macduff's Son
Ella Craig — Witch (Harpy)
Delainey Work — Witch (Graymalkin)
Malachi Shuba — Witch (Paddock)

Theo Fantozzi — Director
Ella Craig — Assistant Director
Michael Campayno — Stage Manager
Forrest Trimble — Lighting Design
Tucker Topel — Set Design
Ella Mizera — Fight Choreography
Ella Craig, Delainey Work, Malachi Shuba — Original Music

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